#read… ‘Irish art histories’, Journal of Art Historiography

A series of papers on Irish art history are included in the most recent edition of the Journal of Art Historiography. A bi-annual, online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles and papers through it’s WordPress site, the Journal of Art Historiography aims to ‘support and promote the history and practice of art historical writing’ (Mission Statement, Journal of Art Historiography), and as such, is an important online platform for emerging research in the discipline. 

Several of the papers included in the ‘Irish art histories’ section expand on papers delivered at the ‘Writing Irish Art History’ session at the Association of Art Historians Annual Conference held in Warwick in 2010, and at an earlier event at TRIARC – Irish Art Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, in 2009. Introduced by Niamh NicGhabhann (University of Limerick), this collection covers a wide range of topics and subjects relating to Irish art history, with papers by both emerging and established scholars in the field. With new, and nuanced, readings of the subject, these papers make an excellent contribution to the growing discipline of Irish art history. 

All of the papers can be read here, http://arthistoriography.wordpress.com/


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