#event…’Going Public: Late Victorian Women, Identity and Space’

Dr Lynne Walker of the Institute of Historical Research ‘Going Public: Late Victorian Women, Identity and Space’ 6.00, 13 March in TRIARC (The Irish Art Research Centre, TCD), Provost’s Stables (go to Arts Block, basement level, to the back of the building, out the back door and follow signs). Lynne Walker set up and nowContinue reading “#event…’Going Public: Late Victorian Women, Identity and Space’”

#fridayfocus…Mary Swanzy – The Post-Cubist Paintings

Analyzing Cubism, IMMA’s latest exhibition, brings fresh and renewed focus to a number of Irish artists working in a Cubist idiom through the twentieth century. Among those included is Mary Swanzy (1882 – 1978), who was among the first generation of Irish women artists to travel to Paris, where she immersed herself in art, bothContinue reading “#fridayfocus…Mary Swanzy – The Post-Cubist Paintings”