From Jack B Yeats, ‘Modern Art’, 1922

“Pictures are a method of communication between the artists and those who look at their pictures; and do not forget that it is a method of communication that is less complicated than the written word, and sometimes more simple than even the spoken word. The artist tells you what the scene he painted looked likeContinue reading “From Jack B Yeats, ‘Modern Art’, 1922”


“in the first glow of such a February sun”: Gerald Blount’s walk in Dublin

As part of my Phd research on depictions of Dublin in visual art, I have also been looking at written descriptions of the city through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. While my main source has been guidebooks, in the past few weeks I’ve concentrated on other written sources – fiction, drama, and poetry. One ofContinue reading ““in the first glow of such a February sun”: Gerald Blount’s walk in Dublin”

#read… ‘Irish art histories’, Journal of Art Historiography

A series of papers on Irish art history are included in the most recent edition of the Journal of Art Historiography. A bi-annual, online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles and papers through it’s WordPress site, the Journal of Art Historiography aims to ‘support and promote the history and practice of art historical writing’ (Mission Statement,Continue reading “#read… ‘Irish art histories’, Journal of Art Historiography”