#read… ‘Irish art histories’, Journal of Art Historiography

A series of papers on Irish art history are included in the most recent edition of the Journal of Art Historiography. A bi-annual, online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles and papers through it’s WordPress site, the Journal of Art Historiography aims to ‘support and promote the history and practice of art historical writing’ (Mission Statement,Continue reading “#read… ‘Irish art histories’, Journal of Art Historiography”

#phdlife… Impressions and Ideas: April Conference Season!

April has been a busy month, with three conferences, an impending deadline for my Year Two confirmation review, and a push to get new primary source research completed on a new chapter that I’m working on. The three conferences that I attended were all quite different in their scope, reach and topics covered, but allContinue reading “#phdlife… Impressions and Ideas: April Conference Season!”

Resolutions: one month on.

Back at the end of December I wrote about some academic New Year’s resolutions and goals. Sitting by the fire on this bright and cold early February afternoon, I re-read the post and was actually quite pleased with the progress I have made over the past month. One of main resolutions was to get writing,Continue reading “Resolutions: one month on.”