#fridayfocus… Irish Weather (#whatthefliuch)

As the rain pours down outside my office window, I came to think about how the Irish weather has been portrayed in visual art. My first thought was of blue-skied, cloud-filled paintings by Paul Henry, such as the National Gallery of Ireland’s A Connemara Village. Equally evocative I think, is his painting of Early Morning, Connemara, one ofContinue reading “#fridayfocus… Irish Weather (#whatthefliuch)”

#fridayfocus…Mary Swanzy – The Post-Cubist Paintings

Analyzing Cubism, IMMA’s latest exhibition, brings fresh and renewed focus to a number of Irish artists working in a Cubist idiom through the twentieth century. Among those included is Mary Swanzy (1882 – 1978), who was among the first generation of Irish women artists to travel to Paris, where she immersed herself in art, bothContinue reading “#fridayfocus…Mary Swanzy – The Post-Cubist Paintings”