#fridayfocus… Goodbye to the Creation Arcade (1959-2013)

Yesterday, demolition was the fate of Dublin’s first, and once premier shopping arcade, as seen in this post from Broadsheet. Officially opened on the 3 December 1959 by the then Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor P.A Brady, T.D. A full report of it’s building, opening and facilities was given in the eponymous magazine, Creation, The Magazine of FashionContinue reading “#fridayfocus… Goodbye to the Creation Arcade (1959-2013)”

(Belated) #fridayfocus… Dublin by Day and by Night (1946)

When you imagine Dublin the years immediately after World War Two, what comes to mind? Rationing, returning soldiers and emigrants, a tough economic climate… Or.. A flashy modern city?! Looking at the Dublin by Day and By Night series of guidebooks, published between 1946 and 1949, a neon city is presented, full of good places to eat,Continue reading “(Belated) #fridayfocus… Dublin by Day and by Night (1946)”