#fridayfocus… Some thoughts on Harry Kernoff’s ‘From the Custom House Steps’, 1933.

  On Monday next, this beautiful watercolour by Harry Kernoff RHA (1900 – 1974) will be auctioned at Whyte’s, Dublin. Seeing it in the catalogue and on their blog brought me back to when I was writing up my M.Phil thesis on the artist, and I used this image to bring my discussion of theContinue reading “#fridayfocus… Some thoughts on Harry Kernoff’s ‘From the Custom House Steps’, 1933.”

#fridayfocus… Irish Weather (2, Sunshine!)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about depictions of rain and bad weather in Irish art. This week however, things are looking up, as April sunshine is streaming through my window. It might be late, but at least it’s here. Walking around Dublin today, I noticed that the leaves have finally started to comeContinue reading “#fridayfocus… Irish Weather (2, Sunshine!)”

#fridayfocus…Harry Kernoff’s sketches and drawings

This post is more of a ‘drawing-attention-to’ than a full post. As you will have noticed there has been no #fridayfocus in the past few weeks – I’ve been busy getting a chapter finished and then working on revisions, so I can get it wrapped up before starting on my AAH paper! So busy busy,Continue reading “#fridayfocus…Harry Kernoff’s sketches and drawings”