From Jack B Yeats, ‘Modern Art’, 1922

“Pictures are a method of communication between the artists and those who look at their pictures; and do not forget that it is a method of communication that is less complicated than the written word, and sometimes more simple than even the spoken word. The artist tells you what the scene he painted looked likeContinue reading “From Jack B Yeats, ‘Modern Art’, 1922”

#fridayfocus… Some thoughts on Harry Kernoff’s ‘From the Custom House Steps’, 1933.

  On Monday next, this beautiful watercolour by Harry Kernoff RHA (1900 – 1974) will be auctioned at Whyte’s, Dublin. Seeing it in the catalogue and on their blog brought me back to when I was writing up my M.Phil thesis on the artist, and I used this image to bring my discussion of theContinue reading “#fridayfocus… Some thoughts on Harry Kernoff’s ‘From the Custom House Steps’, 1933.”

#phdlife… Impressions and Ideas: April Conference Season!

April has been a busy month, with three conferences, an impending deadline for my Year Two confirmation review, and a push to get new primary source research completed on a new chapter that I’m working on. The three conferences that I attended were all quite different in their scope, reach and topics covered, but allContinue reading “#phdlife… Impressions and Ideas: April Conference Season!”