#fridayfocus…’Modern Dancing’ in Dublin, 1927

Just a short post this week, with a gem found in the course of this week’s research. At the moment, I am looking at different depictions of Dublin during the 1920s by visual artists such as Jack B. Yeats. As part of this, I am also looking at the urban experience in Dublin during thisContinue reading “#fridayfocus…’Modern Dancing’ in Dublin, 1927”

A Stranger’s Notebook on Dublin

A Stranger’s Notebook on Dublin This evening I came across this fascinating documentary on Dublin on the RTE Player. Made by a Polish producer in the 1960s, it opens combines footage of the city with quotes from James Joyce, and different Dubliners talking about the changing city. One of the most interesting parts is lookingContinue reading “A Stranger’s Notebook on Dublin”